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Oskar Krajewski (OK)

Born in 1979 in Poland. Studied in Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz, Poland. Living and working in London, UK since 2002. So far, OK has exhibited over 15 times (group and solo) in London and beyond. Under the “OK”™ brand there are several freelancers helping with the artistic concepts and projects. The main activities of OK are Sculptures, (conceptual) Photography, Video, Installation, Paintings & Drawings.


“€œI invest my time in solid and complex creations, thought-provoking and interactive. My inspiration comes from visions, dreams, technological and spiritual studies and practice. In my latest creations I have attempted to merge these fields of knowledge and experience. My art is to intrigue, to please the viewer’™s eye and to provoke thoughts. One of my main goals and wishes is to influence general public so they are more drawn to art (not only mine of course). There is only an elite awareness about what is happening in the art world today. Through Art, I would like to convey the message about importance of the subconsciousness and connection to nature and oneself. On more physical level, I feel that one of my main missions in the art world is to find the end spectrum for the detailed composition. I have to express myself through Art – I could not live a healthy wholesome life without letting it flow through me.”€ – OK

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